Isolated – Nick Dow

Acoustic, Singer Songwriter

Nick Dow is back, and immediately sending shivers down my spine.
Isolated, is an eerie and ethereal piece that belongs in an abandoned ruin of a concert hall. The sound builds on echoing arpeggios with a rough falsetto that soars through the spacious soundscape reminiscent of Radiohead. This is one of the simpler songs Nick has released steering away from earlier complex works, but I believe the beauty of this song comes from it fully utilised stripped back arrangement, a delicate touch on the keys, and flawless harmonic progression. The song appears to be topical with 2020’s isolating lock downs worldwide, striking a chord with many of us pent up inside isolated from the world around us.

Isolated is the first we’ve heard from multi-instrumentalist Nick Dow since his well received debut album “Layers” quoted as being “about as good as debut albums get” which charted in NZ and set Nick off playing shows around NZ. Nick has built up a reputation around Auckland as a formidable musician, with talent as a vocalist, pianist and violin player, playing for musicians such as TEEKS.

Catch Nick Dow playing in Auckland on the 31st of October with BEING. and Chris Wallace at the Wine Cellar.

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Liar – VÏKÆ


VÏKÆ is joining the ranks of new artists pulling the rising tide of introspection among younger audiences. With her latest single she self evaluates her own faults when it would be easier to push the blame on to the other. ‘Liar’ explores her struggle with bipolar and the toxic behaviours that come along with it, such as a tendency to lie.

VÏKÆ’s vocals strike similarities with Lana Del Rey evoking a sense of beautiful tragedy fitting for this song dealing with one’s own problematic behaviour. The beat developed by producer Mazbou Q (formerly Unchained XL) is reminiscent of the 90s, smooth and sultry with rich harmonies. The initially sparse track leaves time to soak in the rich soundscape that’s being crafted as it crescendos into a fat catchy chorus.

The single liar has been put to film in VÏKÆ’s music video you can find on Youtube. The video was shot in Melbourne and finishes with VÏKÆ dressed in Ukrainian traditional dress revealing her truest and most authentic identity.

VÏKÆ moved to New Zealand from Ukraine seeking refuge post Chernobyl. We hope she sticks around to keep pushing the New Zealand Music scene up to the next level.

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