Oblivion – JENKO

Drum & Bass, EDM

Receiving endorsements from the likes of Calvin Harris, Dallas Austin, and BBC Radio’s Dean Jackson, JENKO is someone you don’t wanna sleep on.

The 26 year old electronic dance pop artist has been songwriting from the age of 16 and has built up a reputation with radio stations, online press, newspapers, and big names in the game.

This year JENKO is making waves as an artist in his own right, dropping his latest single Oblivion. It’s clear that JENKO isn’t messing around with a high calibre music video with stunning visuals paired with the professionally put together track that simply put, really slaps.

If you need to have a bit of a rave in isolation, JENKO has the music for you.
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Creeping In – Iduna


Iduna’s new single ‘Creeping In’ comes in quick and slams you with an off kilter groove and vocals playing with modal change through gritted teeth. The track ramps up into a high energy chorus with the joint vocals of Jason Craig and Trison Boyes. Creeping in keeps you engaged with constant development and a thundering rhythm section from bassist Tim Saulnier and drummer Craig Koziar which has you relentlessly head banging in your seat. The song finishes with blasting rhythmic flourishes and soaring vocals similar to Alterbridge, and that’s not a comparison to make lightly. The track is about letting go and welcoming the loss of inhibitions. The lyrics explore the vulnerable side of attraction and the emotional risk we all experience in putting ourselves out there.

Iduna stated they make  “alternative rock music that wrestles with the question of what it is to be and who we should be to each other. Building on the sounds of The Smashing Pumpkins, Matthew Good Band, Biffy Clyro, and Kings of Leon with a political tinge”

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Die in Time – Las Ritas

Indie Rock

Born from a late night of drinking oneselves silly, Las Ritas take their name from the fabled lager of choice that evening, Budlight lime-a-ritas. Fittingly so, the group writes about drunken sadness, heartbreak and mania. Their sacred message is coupled with dancey vibes and wavy guitars reminiscent of a Mac Demarco track.

Their latest single Die in Time starts slow with dreamy guitars that build into a groove you can happily bop to with a bottle of cheap beer. The sound is strikingly similar to Kiwi favorites Daffodils who strike a similar sound with their music. Hopefully the two can create an international tour of New Zealand and California!

Die in Time is only one track of a stellar EP by the same name of groovy indie rock bops definitely worth tuning into! Check out Las Ritas on Instagram and Spotify.

The Nighthawk Experience EP.1 – Current Lies


The Nighthawk Experience is a joint musical and animated project brought to life by musician Scott McDonald-Bull. The journey takes you into an anime art style world of a 17 yr old Nihilist, Kage who is trying to find meaning and purpose. Other characters are hinted at in his prologue and will be appearing in more detail in later episodes!

The track starts mellow with acoustic guitar and electric guitars wailing apathy. The lyrics speak of skepticism as the character Kage walks around the city viewing crowds of people on a morning commute before sunrise with the homeless already hard at work begging. As Kage sits to ponder at a park bench the sun rises, and with it the music swells into hard hitting cinematic rock reminiscent of The Devin Townsend Project with big and heavy chords and soaring vocals. The track ends with a foreboding keys and the distant ring of a church bell as a new character is teased for the next episode.

Episode 1 of the Nighthawk experience has us on the edge of our seat! It’s fantastic to see an artist collaborating with an animation team long term to commit to a multimedia collection of music like this. We can’t wait to see how this develops.

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Liar – VÏKÆ


VÏKÆ is joining the ranks of new artists pulling the rising tide of introspection among younger audiences. With her latest single she self evaluates her own faults when it would be easier to push the blame on to the other. ‘Liar’ explores her struggle with bipolar and the toxic behaviours that come along with it, such as a tendency to lie.

VÏKÆ’s vocals strike similarities with Lana Del Rey evoking a sense of beautiful tragedy fitting for this song dealing with one’s own problematic behaviour. The beat developed by producer Mazbou Q (formerly Unchained XL) is reminiscent of the 90s, smooth and sultry with rich harmonies. The initially sparse track leaves time to soak in the rich soundscape that’s being crafted as it crescendos into a fat catchy chorus.

The single liar has been put to film in VÏKÆ’s music video you can find on Youtube. The video was shot in Melbourne and finishes with VÏKÆ dressed in Ukrainian traditional dress revealing her truest and most authentic identity.

VÏKÆ moved to New Zealand from Ukraine seeking refuge post Chernobyl. We hope she sticks around to keep pushing the New Zealand Music scene up to the next level.

Don’t miss her upcoming EP set for release in April, follow on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

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