Stuck in a Loop – MYRY ft. WULF

Ambient, INDIE, Singer Songwriter

Fighting on the frontlines of the pandemic in London hospitals hasn’t stopped MYRY from adding another beautifully melancholic piano track to her repertoire.

Stuck in a Loop is a stripped back inner dialogue accompanied by MYRY’s warm piano and WULF‘s soft vocals.
The song is gentle but builds with a quiet strength that stretches and swells until you’re swept up in swathes of synths bringing the song into a rich climax. The music sounds like a beautiful blend of Regina Spektor and Lydia Cole, combining the charm of a singer-songwriter and a piano with a sophisticated soundscape of synths.

MYRY has built a reputation for herself with the success of her Debut Single Ghosts, called a “Headphone moment” by BBC introducing. Record of the Day said her “voice [was] as captivating as Freya Ridings or Birdy“, but MYRY’s success began earlier than this. As a teenager MYRY was a Youtube success garnering millions of views from various covers, including everyone’s favourite song with a cup, “When I’m Gone“.

Hints of an upcoming EP from MYRY have been mentioned, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

I Really Wanna – Hannah Rose Kessler


Hannah invites us into a hazy drunken discussion about becoming disillusioned with a worldview proposed by common media. Various creatives from their own bubbles brought together their own visual takes on the song, creating an eclectic video montage of diverse expression. Hannah talks of just managing to scrape by, but reluctantly acknowledges that we should keep on trying.

We found Hannah in London prior to lockdown with the ‘Loud Women’ collective where she wow’d an audience with a heavy and raw performance. Taking influence from a variety of artists including Nick Cave, Alison Mosshart, Debbie Harry, The Carpenters, Sonic Youth, The Watersons and Queens of the Stone Age, Hannah produces music that is quite special, and delightfully off kilter.

See her music video for I Really Wanna below:

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Sofar Sounds – Roman Lewis, Becksy Becks, Brudini

Live Music

Three very distinctive artists took the stage on Monday night at the cozy cafe ‘Mouse Tail Coffee Stories’, to wow a captivated audience on a cold wintery evening. Dozens of locals sat on cushions and blankets with wine and snacks as they listened in.

First to take the stage was Roman Lewis, England’s answer to Hozier. Roman Lewis played acoustic guitar and sang of love and loss with a rich deep tone. His more serious tales were put on hold as he invited us to “take a bite outta [him] if you have a taste for stupidity”. He sang a song dedicated to memes, and told the story of a particularly loved panda cup from Washington. Roman finished his set with a favourite from his 2019 EP, ‘Midnight in Paris’ which showed off an impressive vocal range. He casually danced about high falsetto notes with effortless control; a truly spectacular performance.

Second up was a charismatic spoken word poet Becksy Becks who launched into a casual icebreaker with the audience asking about our experience with infidelity. This turned into heavy hitting topics of mental health, and chauvinism mixed in with advice against criticizing a man’s hairline. Without an instrument to add to her voice, Becksy Becks captivated the room as well as any four piece band.

The night was finished with a three piece who set up a miniature drum kit, a double bass, two synthesisers and a guitar. Eerie discordant synths faded in putting the audience on edge, waiting for music to start. Brudini stood at the front of the stage speaking prose of ghosts dropping a sheet of written lyrics to float to the ground. As soon as the paper hit the floor, the synths cut into a jazz groove of snare and double bass with fingerstyle guitar. The music began. We were taken on a journey of sounds taking influence from russian, jewish, flamenco and all varieties of electronic music. This was coupled with Brudini’s haunting singing and occasional prose sounding the end of the world. What an experience.

All round a fantastic evening. If you haven’t been to a sofar sounds before we would highly recommend heading over to their website to see what gigs are happening soon! They can be found in most cities worldwide.

For more information on the acts see Roman Lewis, Becksy Becks, and Brudini. Roman Lewis is releasing his new EP this Friday and performing at the Courtyard Theatre in London. Becksy Becks can be seen performing again next Monday at The Social in London.