Angry Girl – Vikae

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Dropping this Friday is the kind of song that makes you want to hire a security team. Vikae has outdone herself with her latest single Angry Girl, featuring killer production and lyrics that will cut you back like a weed.

Beat one is ominous and expanding. The track utilises sinister synths and percussion to set the tone: she. is. livid. Vikae’s theatrical vocal control creates the believable character of a girl who’s been wronged. I loved the use of octaved vocals in the pre chorus; it’s an effect that’s always satisfyingly unsettling.

The drop into the chorus is perfect. The rhythms are super interesting, and the harmonies are epic. Angry Girl uses silence expertly to build tension, and a sense of foreboding. You can experience Angry Girl in all its rebel glory at Vikae’s Casette Nine release this Friday. Come grab a beer!


Queen of Disaster – Chiara Foschiani

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If you love Christine and the Queens as much as I do then you’ll adore Chiara Foschiani. Ignoring the fact that her age makes me feel like a recent retiree, I was incredibly impressed by her debut single Queen of Disaster. Born in 2003, Chiara Foschiani is a Parisian multi instrumentalist and producer who left high school to pursue music full time when she was 16. Having generated notable interest on soundcloud, Chiara released her first Spotify track in October.

I was suspicious at first of the “poppy” introduction, but Queen of Disaster quickly melts away into a super groovy pre chorus. The lyrics are simple but effective, with some killer moments like the line the earth is on fire. The chorus layers epic vocal harmonies and what sounds like an electric banjo. The production is creative, and you can hear how much fun Chiara had in the studio.

Chiara Foschiani is a new kid on the block, but she’s not to be underestimated. Her debut single is both creative and impressive. I look forward to following her musical career! Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Headlights – Jack Panther

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Wellington indie-pop artist Jack Panther released his sophomore single Headlights earlier this year. The “electro-pop anthem” is a response to an “epiphany” about his ex. Jack Panther uses the song to explore the dark feelings of anger and hurt surrounding a particularly challenging breakup. Headlights is accompanied by a moody “video short” that captures the atmosphere of the track.

Headlights is an interesting piece of writing. It goes in guns blazing; late in the narrative, with a driving bass drum and eerie synths. Panther’s voice feels defeated as he talks about “gunning for the headlights”, and how he “should have seen the signs”. The song suddenly drops away for a sparse moment, and begins the slow build back to the chorus line.

There’s an element of tension in each moment of Headlights. You can feel the angst in the writing – Panther has been knocked around by this relationship, and just as there is no resolution for him, there is no real resolution for his listeners. It’s a clever piece of writing; Panther pulls his audience into his head space for a minute. Keep up with Jack Panther on Instagram and Facebook.