Blue – Carawei


Carawei is a mysterious emerging artist based in New Zealand. The internet is almost devoid of information about her, and yet her instagram boasts 1300 followers; a feat independent kiwi artists will recognise as impressive in a country with such small population. Her enigmatic persona is intriguing.

There’s something really eerie about Carawei’s new single Blue. The breathy falsetto combined with the foreboding bass is hair raising, as she asks us whatcha gonna do? The song begins with a winding synth organ that reminds me of an aeroplane taking off.

Carawei takes her time with the ASMR delivery of the goading lyrics. She seems to have all the power in the narrative, and is daring somebody to meet her there. I really enjoyed the creative production on the track – the ringing synths and smooth bass build an immersive soundscape.

I don’t know about you, but I’m intrigued to see what happens next with the mystic Carawei.

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