Braces – Goodspace

Acoustic, Ambient

Goodspace are a low-fi indi rock band with “hints of hiphop and songwriter sensibilities”. They write music to “make you feel present”; an achievement not to be understated in the fast paced modern world.

Braces is an atmospheric piece of writing. It’s a plug your headphones in and think about life kind of a track. Goodspace have done an excellent job of creating something soothing for the anxious moments that riddle us all sometimes. The mellow guitar lines and soft-spoken vocals are perfect for bringing a spiraling mind back to the planet.

The lyrics are simple, but sweet. The opening line “when everyone turns and looks at you, when you don’t even wanna be here at all…” captures the restless feeling of anxiety. They capture these intrusive thoughts with pensive expertise. Goodspace move on to say “I know I’m the same, just in a different way”- it’s comforting to remember that we all feel that way sometimes. Braces is like having someone finally “get it”.

Goodspace are up to all sorts of exciting things in 2020. Keep up with them on Facebook and Instagram.

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