Grab your safety hats kids, because Odds & Ends dropped “Picture” today and it hits hard


Grab your safety hats kids, because Odds & Ends dropped a track today and it hits hard. After leaving us waiting for two years their much anticipated single “Picture” tackles the tricky subject of mental health. “Picture” is a gut-wrenching exploration of life on the brink, driven by musicality and power wrapped in an indie rock bow.

Powerhouse vocalist Koen Aldershof captures what it’s like to scream into the void. “Picture” boasts a stunning and emotional delivery of sensitive lyrics. The hookline “let’s take a picture by the edge… I’m not scared in case we fall down” promises to both rile you up and give you chills. It’s a timely reminder, with New Zealand’s latest lockdown to check in on your mates.

While this latest track takes on a “darker flavour” than the band’s tasty earlier work, it’s still characteristic of the Odds & Ends sound. “Picture” features cheeky verse licks and a monster guitar solo that shreds like a cheese grater. Josh Johnston delivers a heart palpitation of a rhythm section, while Jonathan Meyer (underscore) holds it all together with steady bass.

Don’t forget to support the lads on Facebook and Instagram, and raise those dreamy streamy stats on Spotify / Apple Music.


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