Superhuman – Fly The Nest


Stephen Cooper is a rising artist from Dublin, working under the anonym Fly the Nest. Boasting powerful vocals, convicting lyrics and impressive production, Cooper is a force to be reckoned with. 

Fly the Nest’s latest piece released into the wild is an epic dedicated to frontline workers in these uncertain times. Superhuman is a triumphant anthem likening those risking their lives in the pandemic to the heroes we see on screen. The piece begins with an epic guitar solo and driving rhythm section. It melts into the lyrics “I keep on running till my legs give out”, an homage to the gruelling hours medical practitioners face. The line “against the odds we’re still fighting” inspires faith in the health system.

Cooper’s powerful vocal performance is moving. He was inspired by his family, many of which are working on the frontline. His “whole family work in healthcare… nurses, doctors, the works”. He sees Superhuman as “the least (he) could do to support the frontline.” 

Superhuman is a moving release intended to help raise money for the frontline workers in Ireland. Fly the Nest is running a campaign, with all proceeds going to “Ireland We Thank You”. Find Fly the Nest on Facebook and Instagram.

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