Red-Handed Man – Georgia Maria


Georgia Maria is a musical veteran. With years of extensive experience as a writer and performer prior to the launch of her solo project, she has started with an audible bang. Red-Handed Man is just one of five singles on her debut EP, but she’s already got our attention. 

The track begins with an ominous distorted guitar line before rolling into a campfire folktale. Georgia Maria’s whimsical vocals float over the top of the intro section, spinning a picture of the infamous red handed man. He is “baring (his) grudge like a hammer in hand…” The scene is haunting.

The second round brings a building percussion section and eerie folk harmonies before transitioning into a killer guitar line. Georgia Maria’s use of a repeating melody and the hook line “my red handed man” give the song the feel of a tale that has been passed down through generations. The song has strong undercurrents of celtic folk, driven by its fairytale lyrics and modal melody.

Georgia Maria refreshes the ear with a bridge, and sets the scene on fire with another epic guitar solo. The ashes fall in the soundscape for a final round of the melody. Wait for her next release with us on Instagram and Facebook.


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